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Below are three classic plays I have adapted. A Midsummer Night's Dream has been produced at over eighty venues (mainly high schools) around the country, and is the most popular of Shakespeare's adaptations at Eldridge Publishing. To read sample pages of each play click the publisher's name.

play covers

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Pulitzer Prize winning novelist James Michener had a long history with the University of Northern Colorado. He attended UNC as a Masters student in the 1930’s, provided a generous financial gift to build the university’s library (which bears his name) in the 1970’s, and donated numerous books, films and photographs from his distinguished career to the university just before his death in 1997.

photo of James Michener

James A. Michener

Dr. Gary Pitkin, longtime Dean of University Libraries at UNC, worked closely with Mr. Michener during the transfer of the archival materials and they became friends. In 2006, as the centennial of Michener’s birth approached, Dr. Pitkin wanted to celebrate the life and work of the bestselling author with a documentary film. I was fortunate to direct it. James A. Michener, An Epic Life premiered at the Michener Centennial Celebration on the UNC campus in 2007.


Dave Kinney, president of Fade to Black Media, a film production company based in Centennial, Colorado, was the cameraman and editor of the film. Dave is an Emmy winning filmmaker whose vast experience in television was invaluable to the project.

Ken’s first documentary film, Wally Huntoon, A Life By Design, in 2005 details the artistic journey of one of America’s most prolific scenic designers. At the time of filming Wally Huntoon had designed over 700 sets for professional, college and high school theatre productions throughout California. Noted almost as much for his exuberant personality as for his fanciful designs, the film focuses on how Wally’s professional choices have had a profound effect on his personal life.

Rob Lakeman served as the film’s cameraman and editor.

Ken interviewing Stephen J. May

Ken interviewing Michener biographer Stephen J. May


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