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I am a professional audition coach and would love to meet with you. Private classes are available. To set up an appointment and for a fee schedule please e-mail me at And check back later for group classes in acting and film acting.

To give you an idea of the work I do with actors on camera, here are links to three scenes I’ve directed for my class, Acting for Camera, at UNC. I was fortunate to have Dave Kinney of Fade to Black Media in Littleton, Colorado shoot and edit the scenes in high quality HD.

Ken directing

Dave Kinney (third from left), and Ken working on a scene for Acting for Camera.

Click here for a scene from Going the Distance with Danielle Click and Chris Jones.

Click here for a scene from Garden State with Leah Nikula and Joey Revier.

Click here for a scene 30 Rock with Abby Ritt and Erika Vetter.


Here are some thoughts on auditioning I’d like to share with you:

As an actor in New York and Los Angeles for over fifteen years I had thousands of auditions for plays, movies, prime time shows, soaps, commercials and industrial films. 

Some were great—like the time I booked the lead in an independent film from among over one hundred other actors. And some were awful—like the time I nailed the first callback for a prime time guest starring role, and then completely blew the second callback for the executive producer. 

However, all of these experiences taught me something very important: an actor’s most valuable skill is the ability to audition effectively.

After I started teaching and directing—and watching thousands of actors audition—I became fascinated with auditioning from the other side of the table. I wanted to know why some very talented actors didn’t audition well, and others who were less talented, did. What were the differences between them? What were the actors who booked doing right?

So I started to observe the audition habits of the actors in my classes and I interviewed directors, casting directors and agents to identify the elements that enable actors to do their best work at auditions.

All of these experiences have helped me come up with a technique for preparing and executing auditions I have found very effective. Here are some of my thoughts:

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