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How did Debra Monk go from never-working actor to acclaimed actor/composer in less than a year?

How did Robert Clohessy go from $25-a-week acting intern to leading actor on television in just six months?

Inside Act: How Ten Actors Made It—and How You Can Too identifies what sets successful actors like Debra and Robert apart. It's about the inner choices, the inside acts of working actors—acts that have propelled them to thriving careers in one of the most competitive professions on the planet.

In the book I interview ten Tony, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award winning actors about their inside acts. In riveting dialogues I explore the intiguing journeys that have led these actors to successful careers. Each actor interview is followed by two additional interviews with the actor's success team members—the agents, managers, directors, and coaches who know them well.

Then I identify the actor's most frequently used actions, skills and beliefs—the keys to the actor's success.

Tony winnder Debra Monk and Broadway star Jose Llana are among the actors who will join me for a book signing at Drama Book Shop on March 19 in New York.

Inside Act will be released by Hansen Publishing Group on April 1.

You can buy it at or at Amazon.

If you are serious about being a working actor BUY THIS BOOK!











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