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As an Associate Professor of Theatre at the University of Northern Colorado specializing in acting and auditioning, I’ve been fortunate to teach and direct some of the most talented young actors in the country.

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Yet when my students graduate and make the move into show business, like all actors, they see that talent isn't enough to to be successful.

My own experience as a working, albeit struggling, actor in New York and Los Angeles for over fifteen years taught me this lesson firsthand.

I came to realize that what actors need, in addition to talent, is the ability to audition effectively and to have a clear understanding of the rigors of show business.

This realization led me to develop new, and I believe, more effective audition techniques for actors. Indeed, teaching audition techniques and helping young actors build careers have become my passion.


If you take a look at the CLASSES page you’ll find a sampling of my audition techniques—some of which you may not have tried before. There is also information about my private audition coaching.

On the BOOK page read all about my new book, Inside Act: How Ten Actors Made It -and How You Can Too. If you are serious about becoming a working, professional actor you need to read this book.

On the ARTICLES page my interview with Tony nominee John Tartaglia makes it clear why he has done so well as a performer, and my article Support for Actors discusses ways for directors to go to deeper levels with actors in rehearsals.

PLAYS and DOCUMENTARIES describe my three published plays and two documentary films, the latest on Pulitzer Prize winning novelist James Michener.

Thanks for visiting my web site.





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